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We are Pearland’s newly opened store to facilitate customers with repairing services. You bring your damaged device and we fix it for you on the spot.


    We do it all!


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Fast & Reliable

We have a highly professional technician who is a fix-it guy for our store. You come to us with your problem and we fix it for you there and then!

Under One Roof

It is a single store that provides both repairing services and a good range of laptop/phones along with their accessories. You can even come with your used phone and we shall buy it from you.

Competitive Prices

We have the lowest prices and that is the key. Whether it’s about repairing your damaged screen or buying a brand new iPhone 6s, we got you covered with the best rates.

Customer Values

We aim to create and maintain a good relation with our customers. Happy customers build a happy store!

Featured Brands At Our Store

There is a long list of brands, the products of which we sell – the top brands being these:

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